Omnicef vs Levaquin

Omnicef vs Levaquin

What to choose Omnicef or Levaquin

Omnicef is antibiotic of type while Levaquin is of type. Omnicef and Levaquin are both brand antibiotics. Omnicef is manufactured by pharmaceutical company ABBVIE, while Levaquin is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. The available dosage for Omnicef is 300mg. The available dosages for Levaquin are 250mg, 500mg, 750mg.

The average cost for Omnicef is roughly $85 while current cost for Levaquin is roughly $120, said Emmanuel Torres, a Scientist at the Rutgers University and a Patient Representative at a clinic that uses Omnicef and Levaquin.

Omnicef and Levaquin Comparison

Levaquin vs Omnicef
Omnicef Levaquin
Type: Cephalosporins Quinolones
Manufacturer: ABBVIE Johnson & Johnson
Dosage: 300mg 250mg, 500mg, 750mg
Avg Price: $85 $120